February 5, 2016

“I hired Linda one month prior to my divorce being final. In addition to the emotional aspects of such a life change, I had practical matters to begin addressing.  First and foremost was firming up my self-care in order to support my children through the transition and successfully run my business.  I also needed to begin manifesting more financial security.  While my core deeply wanted the Universe to throw me a road map with detailed instructions on how to run my life, I knew Linda was the kind of coach I needed when she said, “I will help you remember and find the answers that reside within you…and I will not tell you what to do, but rather help you discover, evaluate and put into action your next steps.”

With Linda’s keen insight and guidance, I have learned that old habits die hard, but that with concerted effort and attention I can make valuable change. Linda helped me deepen my meditation practice in order to get in touch with my emotions more fully.  By spending time practicing mindfulness in my everyday activities and at work, I have found greater joy and presence.  Linda has also encouraged me to carefully word my daily affirmations and intentions to infuse them with positivity and power.  In the first 2 months of working with Linda, she helped me value my worth as a massage therapist and find the courage to raise my rates.  As a result of believing more fully in my own potential, I am attracting and retaining clients who share my core beliefs for wellness and my practice is steadily growing.

One thing I struggled with this year was an unexpected 4-month long drop in business.  While I was anxious, angry and perplexed about this, Linda helped me wade through these emotions and helped me see that downturns in life can truly be opportunities even if they are unsettling and frightening.  Less work gave me time to tie up other loose ends in my life, to rest, and to play!

Whether your life needs some fine-tuning or a complete overhaul, I recommend Linda without reservation.  She will hold you accountable for creating and living your best life with love and heartfelt care.”

I recommend Linda without reservation
I recommend Linda without reservation

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