Linda is an inspirational mentor

“Linda is an inspirational mentor who has helped me to think more holistically and make positive changes in my day-to-day life.  I had previously been fixated on work, financial problems and negative feelings, rather than the gifts and possibilities that lay before me.  By helping me to improve my day-to-day health, psychological approaches and mental well-being, I soon began to see that I could live the life I wanted by taking a few, steady steps in the right direction.  Now, I have a new promotion, greater happiness in my day-to-day life, a much healthier lifestyle and far greater peace within.  Working with Linda has been the best step I’ve taken in my adult life.  In 6 months she’s helped me get to a place that would have taken me ten years and scores of self-help books if done alone.  I am forever in Linda’s debt for her warmth, expertise, kindness, humour, wisdom and the very high level of support she’s given me.  Thank you, Linda!”




She’s great to work with, and pushes you to meet your personal goals

“Before working with Linda, I was in my own head. I was too hard on myself. I was always saying I “should” do this or that, and I was bringing more stress onto myself unnecessarily. Linda helped me notice how I process my thoughts and feelings, and showed me ways to more effectively manage them. I always thought I was in touch with my emotions, but Linda actually helped me deepen that connection with myself and deepen my meditation practice so that now, I can bring myself to calmness and clarity with ease. She’s great to work with, and pushes you to meet your personal goals!”




I recommend Linda without reservation

“I hired Linda one month prior to my divorce being final. In addition to the emotional aspects of such a life change, I had practical matters to begin addressing.  First and foremost was firming up my self-care in order to support my children through the transition and successfully run my business.  I also needed to begin manifesting more financial security.  While my core deeply wanted the Universe to throw me a road map with detailed instructions on how to run my life, I knew Linda was the kind of coach I needed when she said, “I will help you remember and find the answers that reside within you…and I will not tell you what to do, but rather help you discover, evaluate and put into action your next steps.”

With Linda’s keen insight and guidance, I have learned that old habits die hard, but that with concerted effort and attention I can make valuable change. Linda helped me deepen my meditation practice in order to get in touch with my emotions more fully.  By spending time practicing mindfulness in my everyday activities and at work, I have found greater joy and presence.  Linda has also encouraged me to carefully word my daily affirmations and intentions to infuse them with positivity and power.

In the first 2 months of working with Linda, she helped me value my worth as a massage therapist and find the courage to raise my rates.  As a result of believing more fully in my own potential, I am attracting and retaining clients who share my core beliefs for wellness and my practice is steadily growing.

One thing I struggled with this year was an unexpected 4-month long drop in business.  While I was anxious, angry and perplexed about this, Linda helped me wade through these emotions and helped me see that downturns in life can truly be opportunities even if they are unsettling and frightening.  Less work gave me time to tie up other loose ends in my life, to rest, and to play!

Whether your life needs some fine-tuning or a complete overhaul, I recommend Linda without reservation.  She will hold you accountable for creating and living your best life with love and heartfelt care.”




Linda loves what she does

“Linda loves what she does and it’s clear that she has a passion for coaching.  She helped me de-clutter my life (literally), while providing useful tips and resources throughout the process.  In addition to the physical clutter, Linda was instrumental in providing tools and techniques to help manage some of the emotional clutter in my life. We called the work I was doing the “Clean and Clear” project.

I am truly grateful for the positive and healthy changes that I have experienced as a result of my coaching relationship with her.”




I had a goal

“I had a goal, to apply to graduate school for 8 years. Yes, 8 years. I realized I couldn’t motivate myself and needed some help. A friend of mine suggested a life coach. I always thought life coaches were those bombastic lecturers that charged a bunch of money to tell you what you already knew. Made you feel like you have failed in the past, but they can make you succeed in the future. Linda is not that life coach. She is more than a life coach, she is a wellness advocate.

When I started working with Linda, she focused my thoughts, and made me truly evaluate my fears to overcome them. We dedicated our time to my success one “project” at a time, I was overwhelmed and it worked. I was accepted to the program I applied to and now I work with her on other aspects of my life. Her skills are broad and deep ranging from motivation, to reflection, to stress relief including meditation and mindfulness in everyday life.

Through our sessions she continually asked about my wellness and soon we focused on some of my fitness goals and much needed stress relief. Her guided meditation sessions help to relax my mind and body as well as tune into my body’s needs. Even if I feel I am not making the progress I hope, I realize I am taking time to focus on myself and my wellbeing with every session. Just making time for yourself in this crazy world is hard enough and yet just a little bit of investment in yourself can yield huge results. She has helped me be mindful of my thoughts and overall wellbeing. I am not sure what we will work on next, but every session brings me a little closer to the mindfulness in myself, she touts and instills in me.”






Linda’s presentations are powerful

“Linda’s presentations are powerful, heartfelt and mindfully organized in order to maximize the potency of their delivery to participants.  I feel that her ability to weave in cultural and personal experience sets her apart from many other meditative experiences one might encounter, and she is a master at evoking imagery and emotion through words and tone of voice. ”




Linda’s professionalism, commitment and positive energy

“Linda’s professionalism, commitment and positive energy was just what I needed to guide me in the right direction to achieve my life goals. Her skilled coaching methods and techniques were great aids in finding the right solutions that would work for my personal needs.

I would highly recommend you experience a session one on one or attend one of her amazing workshops to begin your journey in finding the person you have always wanted to be.”




Linda’s sessions are run really well

“Linda’s sessions are run really well and have the perfect combination of talking, meditation/visualization, and hands-on activity.  Her handouts are always very professional and thorough, and provide a good take-away, not just a sheet of paper, but attractive packets that clients want to keep and refer to!

As a facilitator, Linda is naturally super likeable and relatable. It’s very comforting and comfortable to be in her presence and I look forward to continuing our work together.”




I had the good fortune to attend Linda’s workshop

“I had the good fortune to attend Linda’s workshop on vision-boarding in January and, undoubtedly, it helped start my year off right. Linda’s delightful demeanor set the stage for a creative and productive few hours that allowed me to focus and solicit the positive intentions I hoped to manifest in 2013. She uses a variety of techniques to appeal to a broad audience, and is readily available to help clarify questions and encourage each participant’s individual expression.

I highly recommend Linda’s workshops to those who are looking to gain a new perspective, forge a new pathway, or simply find a little support at a time when change is necessary.

Thanks again, Linda!”