January 28, 2014

“I had a goal, to apply to graduate school for 8 years. Yes, 8 years. I realized I couldn’t motivate myself and needed some help. A friend of mine suggested a life coach. I always thought life coaches were those bombastic lecturers that charged a bunch of money to tell you what you already knew. Made you feel like you have failed in the past, but they can make you succeed in the future. Linda is not that life coach. She is more than a life coach, she is a wellness advocate.

When I started working with Linda, she focused my thoughts, and made me truly evaluate my fears to overcome them. We dedicated our time to my success one “project” at a time, I was overwhelmed and it worked. I was accepted to the program I applied to and now I work with her on other aspects of my life. Her skills are broad and deep ranging from motivation, to reflection, to stress relief including meditation and mindfulness in everyday life.

Through our sessions she continually asked about my wellness and soon we focused on some of my fitness goals and much needed stress relief. Her guided meditation sessions help to relax my mind and body as well as tune into my body’s needs. Even if I feel I am not making the progress I hope, I realize I am taking time to focus on myself and my wellbeing with every session. Just making time for yourself in this crazy world is hard enough and yet just a little bit of investment in yourself can yield huge results. She has helped me be mindful of my thoughts and overall wellbeing. I am not sure what we will work on next, but every session brings me a little closer to the mindfulness in myself, she touts and instills in me.”

I had a goal
I had a goal

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